Friday, December 5, 2008

Poetry Friday: Brrr!

Yesterday I took my kids sledding. Their cheeks were pink and their eyes glowing as they spooned marshmallows off the top of their cups of cocoa. This morning the weather channel said it was 7 degrees! Brrr! When it’s so cold outside, I long for the warmth of the strong sun, the humidity of the beach, and the cool of the pool.

For Poetry Friday, I’m going to share a beachy poem I wrote when my son was a baby.


They swoop and spin
Together in a spiral
An air dance
A dive
A swirl
A cry
They lift their feathers
They gently land
All together
As quietly as the wind
That carries them

Then still
They sit
And look about
And suddenly
Swoop and spin


Kelly said...

Beautiful imagery, Ann!
You should join in on the Poetry Friday links. You see who is hosting it, then post at that site that you are participating. Look at my blog today to see who is hosting. (It is my first Poetry Friday). I LOVE poetry, I am glad I am finally joining in on the Poetry Friday fun!

Ann E. Bryson said...

Cool, Thanks, Kelly! I know you mentioned it a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd do it too.