Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desperately Seeking Summer

Lately, as it always happens when the cold weather comes, I’ve been wishing away the winter. I’ve been dreaming of escaping. It has to be somewhere warm—shorts weather—and sunny and sandy with warm blue water that I can swim in. Hey, I’d settle for somewhere I could go and just wear a sweater instead of my fifty-pound coat and all the other accoutrements. I’ve even been singing the Beach Boys’ song “Kokomo”, which always seems to make me feel a bit warmer inside.

Then yesterday I had a thought. Instead of escaping the cold, shouldn’t I just try to embrace it? So, driving over the icy snow-covered roads at twenty miles below the speed limit, passing cars in the ditch, I thought to myself—“Look! I can still get around.” And watching the sun come up over the horizon this morning, I thought, “Hey, the snow makes that pink sun look even brighter.” It is pretty fun to go sledding and to make snow angels with my kids. Why should I wish all of this away?

Besides the constantly salty muddy footprints tracking in on my kitchen floor? And the fact that it takes me twenty minutes longer to get the kids ready to head out the door? And the fact that the ice is now seeping inside and frosting up our windows? And the cracking dry skin on my hands? And the static in the air?

We did have a lovely wimpy sun shining in the piercing blue sky today…

I’m struggling here to find the positive, but I can’t wish the days away because that would just mean that my sweet wee ones would only grow up faster. Think, Ann, think!

Warm slippers…piling as many fluffy blankets on my bed as possible… fires in the fireplace… hot cocoa… snow days… pink cheeks and red noses… cuddling with my family to stay warm…

It’s not so bad, is it?

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Kelly said...

I so don't like winter...but it does make you appreciate the other seasons all the more!
And it is the only time I make hot cocoa with marshmallows for all of us!